Omnimedia Explained

Project X explain what they mean by “An Omnimedia Experience” for their highly anticipated (by me at least) six hour performance on November 3rd. What we mean by the word omnimedia, is that there is no type of media, or creative endeavour that we leave out of our thinking when planning our events. Music has … [Read more…]

Arts Council ditches Project X

Project X blog about not getting funding from the Arts Council: “It is simply an unfortunate situation that out of the 9 applications from organisations recommended, only 2 made it through to receiving funding.” And there’s the rub – only two out of recommended 9 applications are to get any money – 22%. The Olympics … [Read more…]

KR-36 / DY-66

Do you remember KR-36, the “urban adventure game” that took place as part of The Event back in April? It’s good to learn it wasn’t just a one-off and has been fed into an exhibition titled DY-66 at the Five Years gallery in that London. There’s also a report on the game, from which the … [Read more…]

Mask Festival in Stourbridge

Audiences Central has news of the International Mask Festival taking place in Stourbridge from October 19th-27th along with some fantastic images of people in masks. Here’s my favourite: Woo! You can get a copy of the festival brochure from Audiences Central and download a PDF version.


Blast is quite possibly the best piece of performance art in any medium to have taken place in Birmingham in recent years. Certainly it was a great spectacle with heaps of pyrotechnics and bangs but it was also an incredibly considered and, in places, quietly meditative piece, simultaneously draining and inspiring. It was a performance … [Read more…]