Midlands Comics Collective anthology

MC² is a new comics anthology from The Midlands Comics Collective that was published in November. The MCC is “a group of aspiring artists, writers and other such deviants based in and around Birmingham UK, all of whom are aiming to break into the comics industry – by force if necessary.” Also of note is … [Read more…]

Flatpack Festival coming soon

The Flatpack Festival from experimental film collective 7 Inch Cinema takes place over four days over the weekend of February 1st – 4th. Full details are still forthcoming but the Saturday event run with Capsule has been announced. Known / Unknowns has six bands in two rooms of the Jug of Ale (presumably one of … [Read more…]

60 Seconds of Fame

Voting has started for this years BAFTA 60 seconds of Fame short film competition with regional heats. There are 12 films in the West Midlands category, which seems a bit low but there you go. Since I heard about this from Kate Thomson it’s only right that I plug the film she did the music … [Read more…]

Interview with Mark Badger

Click here for a long interview with Mark Badger. A long time fixture on the Birmingham music scene Mark runs Iron Man Records and in 2000 founded the Birmingham Music Network.

Soweto Kinch

“Stupid fool. You’re a boffin from music school. Let me give you a tip, Mr Intelligent Black Man, put down the microphone and stick to the sax, man.” Soweto Kinch is an award winning jazz saxophonist and rapper living in Hockley. Wikipedia biography. Quotes from the excellent 12 minute interview on Podnosh (mp3 link) where … [Read more…]

Frank Cougar

Frank Cougar, aka Andy Green, is a musician and spoken word poet from Chemsley Wood. Biography “Inspired and influenced by life in an uncertain world and using different mediums to try to get past the fear and mind control of the oligarchy, the powers that try to rule all of us. It is not politics, … [Read more…]

Interview with Rob Youngson

My first meeting in this exploration of the Birmingham Creative Community was with Rob Youngson, a digital fine artist who is currently represented by the St Pauls Gallery in the Jewellery Quarter. His work is inspired by the geography of Birmingham to create landscapes reminiscent of Rembrandt and Turner. We were joined by Laurence Quant, … [Read more…]