Dubtransmissions is a Digbeth-based record label specialising in New Age Dub. Dubtransmissions is about people who are not scared to listen to new music. We embrace evolution and creativity. Our artists are interested in drawing from classic influences such as Lee “Scratch”, Pink Floyd, Miles Davis, Bob Marley, Abbey Lincoln and Kreftwerk and producing modern … [Read more…]

Betty and the Id

I haven’t seen Betty and the Id play and I only know the tracks offa their MySpace page but I’m intrigued enough to give them a post, especially as they’ve got a gig this Friday 6th at the Jug of Ale. Quality quirk in the manner that Birmingham excels at. It also gives me a … [Read more…]

Whatever Happened to Pete Blaggit?

Whatever Happened to Pete Blaggit? is a new feature film from Sepia Films, a local independent production company run by filmmaker Mark Jeavons. Filmed entirely in Birmingham the trailer has recently been released. Naturally Pete Blaggit has a MySpace page and the film is listed on IMDb. Also of note is the film’s composer Phil … [Read more…]


I was chatting to Fay Goodman of Goodmedia the other night and she’s a nice person. Whether that counts for anything is up to you but I think niceness is an underrated thing these days. Goodmedia, based in Yardly, are a TV/Film and music production company who’ve put out work about, amongst other things, John … [Read more…]

Beat 13

Beat 13 are a collective of artists and musicians based in Birmingham who’ve been doing stuff since around 1999. Founded by Matt Watkins and Lucy Mclauchlan the emphasis appears to be on Lucy’s work which you’ve probably seen about the place at some point or other. While they were very active in 2006 the website … [Read more…]

Lewes Herriot

Lewes Herriot is an artist and musician based in Northfield who is looking to collaborate, specifically with a band or musician who wants “a free and reliable artist”. His work can be found on his Flickr account though there’s a lot more hidden from public view. Email him at lewesherriot [at] hotmail.co.uk for access if … [Read more…]

Brian Duffy Interviewed

Pascal Wyse interviews Brian Duffy of the Modified Toy Orchestra in the Guardian giving some insight into why he does what he does. Duffy started modifying toys nearly 10 years ago while hunting for unusual sounds to sample. But nagging away were some heavier concerns. “What is music for? What meaning does music carry? What’s … [Read more…]

Surface Unsigned Festival

The Surface Unsigned Festival is a rather massive live music competition running in Birmingham over the next few months. The first heat starts on Monday with a series of 29 gigs at the Actress and Bishop running until the end of April. Each will have around six bands playing, making roughly 170 bands in this … [Read more…]