Dubber vs Birch

As you might be aware, Birmingham blogger Andrew Dubber found his site rocketing to international attention when he posted an email discussion with Paul Birch of Wolverhampton-based Revolver Records. The substance of the debate was fairly daft – that as an employee of UCE Dubber should not be linking to articles that criticize the mainstream … [Read more…]

Invented Instruments

There’s something about the phrase “Piece for Large Metal Sheet” that just makes this a mildly unmissable event. Takes place on Wednesday 27th June, 6.30pm in the entrance foyer of the Department of Art, Margaret Street as part of New Generation Arts. Which I guess means New Generation Arts is starting soon. More info on … [Read more…]

Francisico Lopez at Modulate

A curious event next weekend from the Modulate peoples as part of their monthly Sonic Culture Salon. International sound artist Francisico Lopez will give a ‘Total Darkness’ performance in Birmingham. The audience will be required to be lying down, or seated, in darkness, to promote ‘profound listening and immersion into the sound matter’. Blindfolds will … [Read more…]

Birminghamusic.com Studio Opens

The Birminghamusic.com studio, previously blogged about in Feb is up and running. This space is free to use for any musicians who are registered with Birminghamusic . Contact admin@birminghamusic.com for details. Here’s the news item (which doubles up as a profile of Mike Levell), but hurry. I’ve discovered they delete their news after a short … [Read more…]

Music: Beat Union

Website MySpace Song: She Is The Gun [audio:beat_union_gun.mp3] Video: Can’t Stop The Radio Photo by Dave Hall

Music: KateGoes

MySpace Song: Heartbeat [audio:kategoes_heartbeat.mp3] Video: KateGoes….Down The Rabbit Hole

Music: Chrissy Van Dyke

Song: The Things I Think I’ve Lost [audio:chrissy_dyke_lost.mp3] Video: Consider You Gone Website (under construction) MySpace Next gig on 7th June at the Hare and Hounds where she previews her new band. Also performing at Rootsville.