Why can’t Birmingham do it like Manchester?

Dan Jones of Ten4 goes to the Manchester International Festival and asks “Why can’t Birmingham do it like Manchester? Last week I was invited up to Manchester for the launch of the International Festival, and the opening of Monkey, Jamie Hewlett and Damon Albarn’s ‘populist Chinese opera’. You can find plenty of reviews of Monkey … [Read more…]


From Matt Murtagh Photos are posted here from the Birmingham Flickr community. Click on the image for more details.


From Candice Smith Photos are posted here from the Birmingham Flickr community. Click on the image for more details.


The Birmingham International Comics Show scheduled for October 13th – 14th in Thinktank, has confirmed three star guests, Americans Kevin Nolan and Mike Mignola and Brit Bryan Talbot. TAK talk about Walkie Talkie, a rather sumptuous magazine they created for Clarkes shoes. The Stirrer reports on the financial debacle surrounding The Public arts centre in … [Read more…]

A Conspiracy of Wintervals

“The Winterval Conspiracy is a collection of entirely liberal musical theology. drawing on influences as diverse as classical indian, arabic, and iranian music, terry riley, mike oldfield, the divine comedy, david arnold, tangerine dream, philip glass, pink floyd, guillaume de machaut, john dresher, the residents, john mclaughlin, grand union orchestra, miles davis, vangelis, european folk … [Read more…]

Misty’s to start record label

In an update that was so important they posted to their MySpace blog 17 times* Misty’s Big Adventure have announced they’re setting up their own record label, Grumpy Fun Records, which will release their new album, Funny Times, followed by “other bands we’d love you to hear”. Needless to say this is great news, giving … [Read more…]


Pic by Karl Randay There’s an installation at Moor St Station. It’s been there for a couple of weeks now but I only just heard about it. Just in time as it ends tomorrow. More details on the Plus International Design Festival site and New Generation Arts. Update: Stef of 3form has more info and … [Read more…]