Roundup has been tasked with sourcing acts for the Diwali celebrations on November 11th. “Organised by the Hindu Council of Birmingham and Birmingham City Council, the Diwali celebrations offer a spectacular insight into the celebrations of the Hindu New Year, transforming Millennium Point into a vibrant and colourful arena featuring top musical acts, fashion, dance … [Read more…]


Début are a publishing house based in Wolverhampton who specialise in art and design books. They’ve currently got two releases, 99 Silhouettes exploring the medium of the shadow “from signage on toilet doors to Japanese shadow puppet theatre” and Free?Fonts listing some of the many shareware and freeware fonts available and putting the culture of … [Read more…]


Some music articles on the BBC Birmingham site the might be of interest: An interview with classical composer Andrew Downes, an interview with punk band Dressed as Girls, an interview with Angel of the Gypsy Pistoleros who appear to be big in the US, and a post-hype interview with The Twang. Caught my eye: Dracula: … [Read more…]


From suselstahl Photos are posted here from the Birmingham Flickr community. Click on the image for more details.


Dave Hart digests another impenetrable strategy document and throws out an interesting fact: “Stat Three: We’re growing faster than the economy as a whole. Hang on, that last one is kind of true but if you look closely you’ll find that growth in the creative industries is like a rollercoaster, sorry I mean its cyclical. … [Read more…]


At the Fierce launch party I noticed a banner by the entrance. It was about 5ft high and covered in the logos of all the agencies, sponsors and other organsations who had funded the festival. It stood as a testament to the work Fierce had done in making the festival possible but it was also … [Read more…]


The current issue of clubbing newspaper Night Times, which you can pick up at ticket outlets, record shops and groovy cafes, has a very excitable article about the Que Club re-opening (previously). Not much non-clubbing news (as you’d expect) but they do have some photos of what the hall looks like now. By the gods … [Read more…]