Coffee House Challenge

Coffee House Challenge is an initiative run by the RSA (“working to remove the barriers to social progress” being their slogan) and Starbucks, the coffee retailer. The radical notion is that a bunch of people meet in coffee shop “to talk about community issues they care about and to take action for local change” which, … [Read more…]

Creative City Awards film

The video from the Creative City Awards at the ICC is up. Watch it here. Via Digital Central who have links to all the winners.


Brumcast #64 is out. Subscribe here or listen with this widget: [audio:] B:INS reports that Linda Green’s novel, Did A Bad Thing, is set in a Birmingham newspaper office based on her experiences there. Here’s an interview and the paperback is out in October from Headline. The sixth issue of Gareth Courage’s PDF design zine … [Read more…]


A reminder that Plot continue to do their Plotcasts, releasing audio of events at Light House so everyone can benefit from them. Of particular note is May’s Screen Forum where BAFTA types gave advice on pitching at Cannes. [audio:] 30 days ’til Artsfest… Stumbled across the Birmingham Gigs group on MySpace and while I doubt … [Read more…]

Chapter one. He adored Birmingham…

Dave Harte’s latest digested strategy document is the Birmingham City Centre Masterplan which he’s done as a video, recreating the opening to Woody Allen’s Manhattan using photos from the Birmingham Flickr group. Whilst a wonderful piece of work I’m not sure it really digests the Masterplan that well. If at all. Still, it’s good to … [Read more…]

The First Sunday Flea

The first Sunday Flea Market at the Custard Factory took place last weekend. Bongo Vongo got some photos including the ones in this post and here’s Karl Binder, writing on the Adhere Creative blog: Since my Sunday mornings are almost always entirely free of bungee bouncing and poolside live music I had a thoroughly entertaining … [Read more…]


This list of bands playing over over the Gigbeth weekend is starting to emerge: Mr Hudson and the Library, Nizlopi, Soweto Kinch, Achanak, The Priory, The Orchestra of the Swan, Mr Derry, The Gravity Crisis, Nu-Life, Misty’s Big Adventure. The Moseley Folk Festival are running a competition to win Kate Rusby’s new album which is … [Read more…]


From Gareth Courage Photos are posted here from the Birmingham Flickr community. Click on the image for more details.