The MEGAs are the Media Guardian Innovation Awards (MEGIAs? MEGUs?) “designed to recognise and celebrate innovation across the media industry” in the following categories: Innovator of the year Rising star of the year Independent blog Launch Design innovation Digital innovation – creative Digital innovation – technology Community engagement Brand identity Advertising campaign PR campaign Commercial … [Read more…]


From Karl Randay {pixelherder} Photos are posted here from the Birmingham Flickr community. Click on the image for more details.

Somethings for the Weekend

Something musical: The Moseley Folk Festival is your big event for this weekend. Last year’s was terrific in the rain on Saturday and fantastic in the sun on Sunday. If you’re a hippy with a beard and a floppy hat then you’ll be in heaven and if you’re not by any stretch you’ll be pleasantly … [Read more…]

believe on…

From willgrant Photos are posted here from the Birmingham Flickr community. Click on the image for more details.


Minimum Mouse – handmade jewellery made from kitsch and vintage clothes. And other stuff. Run by Marianne and James and based in Birmingham they sell on eBay. B:INS points to Fraz ‘n’ Gus, ostensibly a novelty pop act but with a pretty decent musical heritage behind them. Songs include Northfield Nan and the rather cutting … [Read more…]

Brumcast looking for support

If you’re not already aware of it, Brumcast is a regular podcast that features music from local bands and artists. Check it out. I’ve been chatting online-style with Little Chris, the chap behind Brumcast, and the inevitable came up. “So” said Chris, “I hear you actually get paid to run your Created in Birmingham blog. … [Read more…]


Long feature on artist Kate Pemberton in Fused. Radio 4 has been trailing it’s series of Poetry Slams a lot lately. The Birmingham connection? The host is Dreadlockalien, our Poet Laureate last year. The first show is tomorrow at 11pm. More buzz about Catherine O’Flynn’s novel What Was Lost – it’s been longlisted for the … [Read more…]


Here’s another review of Catherine O’Flynn’s What Was Lost. Live lunchtime music at BBC Birmingham in the Mailbox between 12.45pm and 1.15pm next week. Review of Shoot the Freak, the new album from The Big Bang. announce the winners of their Music Photography competition: Steve Gerrard, Kirk Harrington, James Harrison and Jenny Tolley made … [Read more…]