Light House Birthday

Light House media and arts centre in Wolverhampton is celebrating its 21st birthday on Thursday 11 October with a party, a show and a DVD. The event is really aimed at past trainees and associates – the Light House Family if you will – but I got an invite so it’s not exactly exclusive. As … [Read more…]

7inch September listings

7inch Cinema September listings. A bit late in the month admittedly but still packed full of goodness with lots of links to stuff going on by interesting people as seen through he 7inch filter.

No Flatpack for ’08

From the 7 Inch Cinema newsletter: We thought you should be the first to know that the Flatpack Festival will be having a year off in 2008. Regular viewers will know that the event has grown rapidly from humble beginnings into an ambitious and (dare we say it) hugely enjoyable barrage of events and screenings … [Read more…]

Interview with Second Home Studios

Animation Forum has the first of a substantial two part interview with Natalie Hinchley and Chris Randall of Second Home Studios, a traditional animation house based in Digbeth whose first short, The Animal Book, went to Cannes this year. If you had to sell the Animal Book to someone in a minute, what would you … [Read more…]

Greenspan at The Electric

The Producers Forum has an interesting looking event at the Electric Cinema for budding film types. On Wednesday 5th September 2007, Alan Greenspan will be hosting an afternoon of case studies and anecdotes about the films he has produced over his long spanning career. From development through to distribution, Alan will offer an insight into … [Read more…]

Moseley Folk Updates

You might have noticed Trish Keenan of Broadcast wandering around the Moseley Folk Festival last year with a Super-8 movie camera. Here’s the resulting footage. Broadcast have a new album out in August, The Future Crayon, on Warp records. There’s a bit of Moseley Folk news to report. They’ve booked Nizlopi as a headline act … [Read more…]

Film Studio Required

Film Birmingham‘s Susie Norton is pushing for a film studio to be established in the city, according to an article in the Post: We believe a Birmingham studio would help to boost the level of investment by film crews in the city. If we want production teams to come to Birmingham in the numbers that … [Read more…]