Emoción Flamenco Festival

Emoción is a Flamenco festival taking place at the Town Hall in November. The searing emotion of living Spanish culture is showcased in one of the UK’s finest cultural venues – a festival of authentic flamenco dance and music at Birmingham’s stunning Town Hall. Emoción Birmingham is set to become an annual celebration of great … [Read more…]

Strav #2: Mmm…

Stravinksy, it seems, is like buses, though the other Igor-related performance this weekend is not as, shall we say, formal as the BRB one. You’ve probably seen the posters for Michael Clark’s Mmm… Stravinsky Project with the amusing “contains some nudity” warning in small type under it. You think? (By the way, if you turn … [Read more…]

Strav #1: Dynamic Dance

If after seeing Ballet on the Buses you resolved to see more ballet in a slightly more formal environment you could do worse that start with a showcase of young talent from the Birmingham Royal Ballet in Dynamic Dance: New choreography from BRB dancers at the Hippodrome this Saturday and Sunday. A programme of new … [Read more…]

Ballet on the Buses

Photos from Ballet on the Buses are starting to appear. Here are mine (including the above), these are Matt Murtagh’s and Candice Smith has a few. There were loads of cameras out there (including, I noticed, a rather nice Leica, but I digress) so if you have any shots or even video online leave a … [Read more…]

Fierce: Ballet on Buses is a good thing

I went to the Ballet on the Buses today in Victoria Square and can heartily recommend it, especially if you get into the bus itself so make sure you get there early-ish for a ticket. The proximity to the dancers is quite the experience and the general oddness of the performance, especially when they move … [Read more…]


Birminghamusic.com brings news of the Breakin’ Convention 07 which is coming to the Hippodrome on the 15th and 16th May as part of a UK tour. Witness the most incredible line up of poppers, lockers, house dancers, b-boys and b-girls, from the diverse world of Hip Hop dance. From pioneering artists to new skool visionaries, … [Read more…]

The Traditional Arts Team

Pam Bishop of the Traditional Arts Team writes to inform me of their existence for which I’m very grateful. What are the traditional performance arts? Activities using music, dance, song and storytelling which were traditionally learned and passed on by ear or word of mouth. Even if the texts or the tunes are nowadays learned … [Read more…]