Stitches and Hos

The concept of knitting as a conciousness raising activity has interested me since I came across it at a Ladyfest years ago, so it’s good to see something similar happening here. You’ll have seen them at events like the Moseley Folk Festival and now they have their own monthly meet in the back room of … [Read more…]

New Media 4Cast the fifth

The fifth and final edition of Antonio Gould’s New Media 4Casts is online covering how engaging with the blogging community can help creative types reach new customers across the world. The core example, which I’d encourage you to check out, is Emily Malcom’s Black Apple blog. Subscribe on the site or listen here: [audio:]

Designer Maker Seminars

Designer Maker West Midlands is running a couple of Seminar Discussion Days at the Arts Council offices on Granville St. The events are aimed at supporting mid-career makers wishing to engage in discussion on ideas for new work and developing new markets. The intention is to provide an opportunity for debate, the exchange of ideas … [Read more…]

Arts and Crafts and Stuff

Arts and Crafts and Stuff is a Facebook group “from the West Midlands to promote local stuff, explore ideas and discover crafty blogs or etsy sites”. Well worth joining if you’re of that ilk, I reckon. The number of fairs and markets along these lines in the region implies there’s definitely a community out there. … [Read more…]

Flair Fair

The Flair Designer Maker Fair takes place at Light House in Wolverhampton on Saturday November 17th from 10am – 3pm. Festive Flair returns for another Christmas season offering some of the region’s best contemporary and unique craft and designer wares. Soak up some festive cheer and stroll around over 40 stalls in the courtyard of … [Read more…]

Mask Report

Marc Reck went to the International Mask Festival and tells all. His blog is turning into a pretty good place for cultural reports these days.

MAC stuff

As always there’s a lot of stuff going on a the MAC. Here’s a couple of things of relevance to this blog. First up is the Designer Maker Fair on the weekend of November 3rd-4th “showing the highest quality craft and design work to be seen in the region and beyond”. And, according to Birmingham … [Read more…]