links for 2008-04-18

27 Thoughts On Blogging For The Artist Useful. I’d agree with all of this. (tags: blogging tips artist via:jonbounds) 383news – » Launches John383 talks us through the new Broad Street website which has a lot of really cool features on it that you wouldn’t normally expect for a Business Improvement District site. (tags: … [Read more…]


Here’s the “outline design” for the new BIAD campus in Eastside, as revealed on Simon Howes’ Eastside blog. Millennium Point is in the foreground and the red blob is Curzon St Station. Simon also has a top down map which pleasingly shows how much open space they’re planning to leave, which is nice as I … [Read more…]

CiB Not Harmful

A number of you have been contacting me over this appearing on Google: In short, nothing to worry about, it’s all in hand, just waiting for Google to process the site before removing the warning. In long, we were running WordPress 2.2 which was vulnerable to hacking and someone hacked it. Nothing major, just a … [Read more…]

links for 2008-04-17

Brum Guide – it’s wiki’d Jon Bounds has started at wiki for Birmingham with some rather neat mapping involved. Like Wikipedia only different. And about Brum. Get adding stuff. (tags: wiki internet birmingham jonbounds) Catherine Bray’s Weblog Another journalist with a blog, this time from the 4Talent stable. She’s finding her feet so go say … [Read more…]

New 7inch site

7inch Cinema have a new website! And it’s very bloggy by the looks of things with RSS and everything. Worth checking out the other sections too as they’ve crammed it full of some really good writings.

links for 2008-04-16

Opportunities for media firms at Channel 4’s digital hub – Birmingham Post “The race is on for West Midland businesses to cash in on a new Channel 4 digital hub in Birmingham, after it was revealed the broadcaster will soon launch similar centres across the country.” (tags: channel4 screenwm birminghampost media digital) Birmingham: maligned and … [Read more…]

Pub Conversations in April

The next Pub Conversations conversation, where an artist and a guest of their choice discuss stuff in a pub, takes place on April 29th in the Lamp Tavern on Barford St. Melanie Carvalho and Ross Birrell are the speakers and there are usually questions from the audience. Free but spaces are limited so email selfservice … [Read more…]

Gail Troth

Fused inform of an exhibition by local artist Gail Troth taking place at Three White Walls from April 24th – 3rd June. Is this truly a participatory Universe? Who makes up your world view are they the poets, writers, and philosophers who give us visions people gifted with some exceptional ability to sense and express … [Read more…]