CiB Shop – New Beginnings

Well, I invited, you came, I spoke, we discussed and by the end of it we had a plan. It was a quite intense evening and we covered a lot of ground which I’m going to attempt to sumarise here. In short, though, the room decided to go for it, to form a committee / … [Read more…]

CiB Shop #2 – Public Meeting

Headline: Public meeting about the CiBshop – Monday 26th July, 7pm, The Victoria. Register here. Hello, this is Pete with one of my occasional retail-related posts on the CiB blog. It’s been 6 weeks since the Created in Birmingham shop closed. Since then I’ve had some time off to recover and have started thinking about … [Read more…]

CiB Shop BYOB Un-Launch

When we opened the Created in Brum shop in February we had a little launch party, as you do. Many people turned up and all was lovely and good. The only thing is the shop was pretty empty. It was sort of like meeting someone’s baby and expecting it to act like a precocious nine … [Read more…]

Lots of things to do in the CiB shop in April

The other day Chris did a brief update on some of the events coming up at the Created in Birmingham shop in the Bullring. That just scratched the surface. Here’s the rundown of what’s currently booked for the rest of month (with apologies to RussL) Matt Moore will be building Art Detectors in our strange … [Read more…]