Goodbye (again)

I know I’ve said this once before, but this is goodbye from me. It’s the end of my second stint on CiB. I ran it for much of 2008 and picked things up again from October 2009 until now. Over this last period there’s been a few new things – CiBmail, a Facebook Page, the … [Read more…]


I’m just dealing with the handover of this blog to an incoming group of contributors, so apologies again for the lack of posts. If you’re annoyed that I haven’t been able to promote your thing recently then, well, I’ll leave that one to Janet. The new lot are going to be great though, I can feel it … [Read more…]

Links for 14 July 2012

What happened to the ‘City of a Thousand Trades?’ Birmingham from 1901 to today I thought this was pretty interesting Curzon Street to become Ikon for Eastside “A planning application, 2012/04817/PA, has gone in for the redevelopment of the former 1170 sq metre rail station to create a new Art Gallery” By the way, there’s been … [Read more…]

Do you want to write for Created in Birmingham?

I’ve been looking after this blog for a little while now and reckon it’s time for some fresh blood. Here’s what I’m thinking… I’m thinking it might be nice to have a small handful of contributors. Maybe after six months or so some new people will come in and maybe the previous people will move … [Read more…]