Mr Silke

Mr Silke is one of those collective things that seems to pop out of nowhere and amaze you with its scale and ambition. Whether it lives up to its aims remains to be seen but whatever happens the side effects should be positive and interesting. This is taken from Creative Wolverhampton: From off the streets … [Read more…]

Flair Designer Maker Fair

The Flair Designer Maker Fair at Light House in Wolverhampton on June 23rd features 40 artists and makers from the region exhibiting and selling their work, along with graduates from Wolverhampton School of Art and Design. It runs from 11am to 4pm in the covered courtyard of the Chubb Buildings. Ranging from illustration and photography … [Read more…]

The Festival of Xtreme Building

By golly it’s nearly June which means the Festival of Xtreme Building is about to start in Birmingham. Running from June through to September this is an “experiment in design and experimental structures where Birmingham’s citizens, private sector developers and Local Authorities can create structures and explore architectural ideas that will reflect their visions of … [Read more…]

Artsfest 07 announced

Artsfest 2007, the tenth Artsfest in Birmingham, has been announced for the weekend of 14th – 16th September. ArtsFest is looking for artists and groups from Birmingham and the West Midlands to join with us in creating a vibrant cultural spectacle that profiles the wealth of talent and diversity within the city and region. Those … [Read more…]

Claire Galleries

Claire Galleries is an art gallery based on Tenby St in the Jewellery Quarter. We are a gallery of vibrant colour and innovative contempory and traditional art. Our Gallery prides itself on the quality of the work that we exhibit and the relationships we have formed between ourselves, our clients and our artists. We are … [Read more…]

Intrigue at Five Ways

Following on from the Test Bed show, another Five Ways art event. Intrigue is a group show by 8 artists taking place in the now largely vacant 1960s Shopping Centre at 5 ways island, Birmingham, UK. The group will be showing exciting and challenging contemporary art work in the ‘Curio City shop’ at the centre, … [Read more…]


Krankpod is Samantha McEwan’s ceramics company. Samantha “draws inspiration for her work by studying organic objects such as pods, leaves and seeds. “Original drawings are then translated into the clay using a method unique to her. Colour themes range from subtle to deliciously rich and vibrant. “The use of contrasting gloss, satin and matt glazes … [Read more…]