Spectra: Seek/Find


Spectra: Seek/Find
Fri 17 Jun, 7pm | Sat 18 Jun, 12:30pm and 4pm | Tickets £8 (£6) | Cannon Hill Park & Outdoor Arena | All ages | Tickets: https://macbirmingham.co.uk/event/spectra-seek-find

Come along on a beautiful beast of a multi-sensory promenade, immersive performance experience made by a mixed community and professional cast.
Taste, feel, see, smell and hear your way on a daring quest through Cannon Hill Park. With the help of Spectra’s intrepid guides, delve into adventure to seek your treasure and marvel at the delights that await you when you reach the Arena.

Spectra is a performance project for people with learning disabilities that has been developed through a partnership between mac birmingham’s Next Generation programme, independent artist Kate DeRight, and Queen Alexandra College. The project aims to empower participants and develop them as creative leaders while making compelling performance experiences.

This project is supported by QAC, Arts Council England and mac birmingham.

For more information please visit: https://macbirmingham.co.uk/event/spectra-seek-find