The future of The Old Print Works


Came across this today…

The Old Print Works has been active in Balsall Heath now for over 4 years hosting events, letting spaces to designer makers and holding classes and open workshops for the community.

The charity that runs the space (Make It Sustainable Ltd) wants to do more with the space by applying for funding to improve it and increase its community impact and so is in the process of attempting to buy the freehold.

We are in discussions with potential financiers, the council and other partners about our future with an investment proposition based on a clear trading record.

We however face a deadline of June 30th 2016 by which time we need to have our funding package in place (or well on track) or we may need to vacate the premises. we are still hopeful of being able to buy the building – and therefore there are THREE ways you can help us:

Small Investment: We would welcome investment enquiries from individuals who know us or who would like to get to know us and our objectives and who want to see an economic and social return on that investment. More information about that HERE.

Large Investment:If you want to make a large investment please email

A one off donation: via this link HERE.

For more information about The Old Print Works, visit their website.

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  1. Thanks a lot for this post. We are making some progress in fund raising and talking to a number of social enterprise finance bodies and the Council about long term plans but really want to encourage small donations and investments to help in the mix. We have raised almost £1600 in investments and donations so far. Thanks again.

    Old Print Works Trustee

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