BOM Summer Camp for 7-12 & 12-16 year olds

Summer Camp Social Graphic

Summer 2016 sees the return of BOM’s awesome week of creativity, electronics and making new friends! Perfect for budding inventors and restless minds.

7-12 year olds: Space Cadets

22–26 August 2016, 10am-3.30pm*, £125 for 5 days

This year’s Summer Camp for 7-12 year olds is space-inspired, and we’re working with artists and creative technologists to design and build rockets! BOM staff will support kids to create amazing space-inspired bots, creatures and environments for an astronomical adventure. Working in groups, learn new skills in design, craft, programming, electronics and coding.

12-16 year olds: Hacking Birmingham

11, 12, 15, 16 & 17 August 2016, 11am-4pm*, £125 for 5 days

Design, make and test experiments for Birmingham City centre to make our city a better place, AND more fun! Working with a team of artists and technologists, research and design anything – from bins that sing, to embarrassing burglar alarms for market stalls. With on-hand technical support, build your ideas and put them into action! Perfect for the curious, the inventors, the socially aware. This workshop is for the young people of Birmingham looking for something different to do this Summer. No experience needed.

12 year olds are welcome on both camps, it is up to you which is the most suitable. Co-working space is available for parents and guardians. 

*breakfast club and post-camp cool-down is available, please enquire for more information:

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  1. Oh wow, this looks amazing, exactly what my son is into! :D He will be nearly 12 though by that date, an awkward age for either camp, so I just hope they continue to run it as I may consider it in a year or two from now.

  2. Hi there Taylor Two – Louise from BOM here. We hope to continue Summer Camp too – it is a great week of fun and tech! We hope to see you next year. Our Spacey exhibition is open till June 11th, we’d love to welcome you both and give you a tour :)

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