Trinity – Frédéric Daty


A new exhibition of original wall sculptures from French artist Frédéric Daty launches at Castle Fine Art in The Mailbox on Saturday 2nd April, with the artist in attendance from 1-4pm.

In his second ever UK solo show, ‘Trinity’ sees world-famous cities and iconic UK landmarks depicted in metal. Daty’s innovative sculptures strip these overrun spaces of living organisms, revealing only the structure; the city’s skeleton.

For the exhibition in Birmingham, Daty has created four bespoke wall sculptures inspired by the UK’s second city – The Mailbox, the Bullring Bull, The Cube, the Library of Birmingham, The Rotunda and the spaghetti junction all feature in the new pieces.

The artist – who was talent spotted by Birmingham based art publishers Washington Green in 2014 – uses layers of hand-cut steel sheets to create the sculptures, which are then polished with varnish and coloured tar. The individual elements stand away from the wall at varying angles and distances, creating a 3D wall sculpture.

The shadows cast on the wall behind create another dimension to Daty’s work. Although the metal itself is static, the surface and colour of the sculptures change in response to how they are lit, giving the impression that the work itself is also moving and evolving.

‘Trinity’ launches at Castle Fine Art, The Mailbox, Ground Floor, 5 Wharfside, Birmingham, B1 1RD on Saturday 2nd April. The exhibition will then run for a further week.

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  1. Ann Murphy

    Went to see the art work today,
    Fantastic – enriches the soul, very clever and gives a new perspective on some remarkable buildings. Artist Frédéric Daty was delightful to speak with.

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