Dean Melbourne, Between Worlds – a short film by Andrew Rutter

Andrew Rutter got in touch with us recently to share his short film based on artist Dean Melbourne.

Dean Melbourne | Between Worlds from Andrew Rutter on Vimeo.

In the lead up to his solo exhibition in London I decided to explore the deeper themes of painter Dean Melbourne in a short documentary.

I’ve known Dean for nearly 10 years, he used to be my art teacher at College and even after I left we somehow managed to keep bumping in to each other. In the more recent years our meetings led to a strong collaborative formation and ultimately inspired me to capture his art through a lens.

Edited & Directed by Andrew Rutter
Cinematography by Dan Hunt & Andrew Rutter
Additional Filming by Simon Heybourne
Model: George Hux-De’Ville
Featured Music by Richard Lacy, Simon Lambros, David O’ Brien, Chris Egan, Alex Arcoleo & Luke Richards

More of his work can be seen here:

My website: •

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