Diabolical Roses


Diabolical Roses is an immersive food-based art event and alternative Valentines experience. This new production has been conceived to explore themes of romance, sex and unity through food and performance. Diabolical Roses proposes new ways to consider ‘love’ through a mouthwatering menu and performance, which together provide a rich multi-sensory experience.

Diabolical Roses will contribute to the imaginative possibilities within gastronomy, performance and visual arts, using the dining table as a stage and suggesting unexpected ways in which food might be consumed. This production has been conceived and developed by Kaye Winwood and Sarah Hamilton Baker in collaboration with chef Chris Hughes.

The event is on 13th February. Early bird tickets are £39 for one person, £69 for two people, available until 24 December. www.billetto.co.uk/diabolical-roses