December Digbeth First Friday


The last Digbeth First Friday of the year is upon us and, of course, this edition has a distinct festive vibe. There’s lots going on – our highlights include:

  • Many & Varied: December Salon – Fascinating talks from fascinating people on all kinds of creative ideas and projects. This is final Salon of the current programme – book a space now!
  • Grand Union: Christmas Party! – Expect unique artist-made decorations, boozy roulette, festive cocktails to warm your cockles and an eclectic soundtrack of party classics.
  • tArt – The first event by Black Hole Club members Ryan Hughes, Michael Lightborne and Kate Spence, combining music, performance and visual art.
  • Boxxed: Tabula Rasa – A multifaceted art show combining high-speed photography, moving image and ethereal soundscapes.