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This morning I enjoyed listening to Badego’s Small Talk podcast, with guest speaker Matthew Nation from Provide. 

Badego is a bi-weekly meet-up for those in the creative industry / design industry which takes place in Birmingham. Small Talk is a sub-brand of that, with events and now, podcasts.

Every week Small Talk invites a guest speaker to join in the conversation about their chosen topics. This week – their sixth edition – the subjects were subscription services, Ai Wei Wei’s lego/China fiasco and the Steve Jobs film.

I was really interested in hearing the chat / mixed views on subscription-based services. How much is too much? I personally pay for several subscription-based services both for my work and personal life to include Dropbox, Squarespace, Spotify, Sky, Adobe Creative Cloud and Headspace. The speakers on the podcast were discussing pay-per-click content, what you can get for your money (sometimes physical copies cost only a marginal amount more than digital copies of say, games, for example), record ownership and sharing and the passing down through generations of music, and how generationally everything is continually changing and what will happen in the future. Matthew Nation brought up that some people will happily pay for content, and some will balk at the price – whether it’s digital or analogue. A lot of people will pay up to £20 for magazines if they value their content – which they then get to keep, something you don’t get with stream services.

Anyway, I found myself wanting to ask loads of questions and take part*! One day I hope there’s a live show of Small Talk Podcast with a Q&A at the end. I’d certainly go.

You can listen to the podcast on iTunes and follow @wearebadego on twitter to find out about their meet-ups, events and other stuff.

*Luckily I work with Dan at AVFC, so that was possible! 


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