Museums at Night


Museums at Night runs from tomorrow until Saturday across the country. Museums, galleries and heritage sites will be throwing open their doors after hours for special evening events.

As well as the fantastic Art Bus, there are plenty of events to choose from in Birmingham. These include:

  • Live AV installation at Vivid Projects as part of their current Queer Traces programme. Michael Lightborne and Kate Spence will present a live installation deconstructing Jennie Livingston’s seminal documentary of the 80s vogue ball scene Paris is Burning (1990). The installation will feature the durational performance Strike a Pose by Kate Spence, Lightborne’s New Gods video sculptures, and a throbbing, otherworldly, disco soundtrack.
  • Craft and design night at the Pen Museum. Meet artists who use pens and ink in their work, and have a go yourself!
  • A night with the Nettlefolds at Winterbourne House and Garden.
  • Game Over at the Coffin Works – Transient-Art take over the restored coffin fittings factory to show their work among the coffin handles, shrouds and historic machinery.