The Welcome Party


How can Birmingham shout louder about culture?

A group of young people who are part of the Creative Agency project at mac birmingham are asking the creative community to come together for The Welcome Party to try and find out how we can do better. Organised by The Icing Agency and cultural website Polaroids & Polar Bears, the event looks to bring together like-minded creative people who are passionate about culture within Birmingham.

As anyone who has been to Birmingham knows it is a place full of arts and culture. But unlike cities such as Manchester and Liverpool it has not yet found a way to truly shout out about itself. The Welcome Party gives the people of Birmingham a chance to discuss and debate how we can improve our national image.

The event is open to all who are passionate about Birmingham’s culture, whether it be creative communicators, arts marketers, web developers, filmmakers, bloggers, artists, musicians, photographers, or journalists.

The event is on Monday 9th March and you can book your free place here:

Find out more about The Icing Agency group here: