The Recruit @ A.E.Harris


The Recruit is a new farcical comedy about the world of recruitment consultancy.
The graphs all have lines going up and employment is at an all time high. Everything is going well at Elite Recruitment Solutions (because, at ERS, you CAN get the staff).

But something is not quite right. It soon becomes clear that there is a sinister edge to ERS. And indeed to their rival company, the Enhanced Employment Agency.
If Armando Iannucci were to embark on an adaptation of a Kafka novel, it would look something like this (and even if it wouldn’t, the likelihood of this happening is so low that we’ll probably never be proved wrong).

A BrightParticular production directed by Jenny Jenkins and written by David Gray. Both writer and director are associated artists on the Birmingham REP Foundry Programme.

For enquiries about tickets, please email or call 07522929719