Longbridge Light Festival – 25th October


Coming up in a few weeks:

Longbridge Light Festival aims to be an annual celebration of the amazing history of Longbridge and its bright future through light and art. We have a jam-packed evening planned for the whole family, from films and workshops to lighting installations and artworks, designed to appeal to all ages. We are excited to be working with some incredibly talented artists based in the West Midlands, UK and across Europe who are creating a series of artworks specifically for Longbridge.

The Light Festival is part of a larger project by WERK on behalf of Bournville College, designed to support the regeneration of the area. We are grateful to all the residents, individuals, community groups, schools, local businesses and Councillors from Longbridge and the Northfield Ward for helping us shape this festival event programme.Come along and join in the fun at what’s promising to be an exciting event!”

Here’s the programme on ISSUU:

More information on their website.

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  1. John Pierpoint

    Better to use Adobe PDF for the brochure in future. This ISSUU format is difficult to use – no zoom, search or page functions showing on my browser, just some icons which could mean anything (no tooltips) and a prompt to log in when I click on them. As a result, I can’t read the information!

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