British Science Festival in Birmingham


“Each September the British Science Festival transforms a different UK city into a vibrant celebration of science, engineering and technology. This year’s Festival will take place in Birmingham, in partnership with the University of Birmingham, from 6 – 11 September 2014.”

There are more than a few creative events that will satisfy curious minds, and here’s a pick and mix of a few events with a snapshot summary from the programme. The full programme is well worth a read through and is available here.

  • A Perfect Picture. Discover basic science of modern photography. (Sat 6th 4pm-5pm)
  • 21st Century Materials. Bionic people and living buildings are on the horizon! (Sat 6th 4pm-5pm)
  • Things that go Pop. Flatpack’s freewheeling one-night festival to help kickstart the British Science Festival. An evening of combustible vapours, fizzy drinks and free thinking. Inspired by chemist, theologian, and all-round visionary Joseph Priestley (Sat 6th 6.30pm-10.45pm)
  • How Does the Brain Cope with Modern Life. Find out how modern brain imaging can shed light on the changes to brain structure and function. (Sun 7th 11am-12pm)
  • The Art of Anatomy. History of the illustrated anatomy text through time, illuminating advances in anatomical knowledge, the changing relationship between art and science, and the development of new technology (Sun 7th 2pm-3pm)
  • The Future of Cities. What will your city look like in the future? What will a city look Like in 2065. (Mon 8th 4pm-5pm)
  • Gauging sentiment on the social web. Many of us now express all sorts of opinions on the internet through blogs,forums and social media. All this data can be analysed to track public opinion and sentiment. How does this happen? (Tue 9th 1.30pm-2.30pm)

Details of all the events are available online at

Booking is required, although many events are free of charge, and tickets can be booked online or by calling 08456 807 207

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