Young Producers – Little Earthquake & Black Country Touring

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Birmingham-based theatre company Little Earthquake have announced a new project: Young Producers, in collaboration with Black Country Touring.

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Over the 2014-2015 academic year, 150 pupils in five Black Country primary schools will become Young Producers, working with Little Earthquake and Black Country Touring to commission and create a brand-new piece of theatre for family audiences…

If you aren’t familiar with Little Earthquake:

Little Earthquake exists to create events that will surprise, entertain, inspire and intrigue. Led by theatre-makers Gareth Nicholls and Philip Holyman, the stories we tell invite audiences to scupper their expectations and escape the ordinary.

This sounds like a really exciting project – and I look forward to seeing the progress as it happens (over on the Young Producers’ blog), as well as the outcome at the very end of the project next year.

To find out more about Young Producers, visit the website (it has some lovely illustrations on it too!)

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