Bethan Lloyd ‘Attention Seeker’


There’s a new exhibition on at Moseley Exchange – Bethan Lloyd ‘Attention Seeker’ – excerpt from PR here:

Bethan Lloyd is a Conceptual Textiles Artist and recent BCU Graduate with First Class BA (hons) Fine Art. Bethan’s work utilises people’s personal accounts of their experiences with mental illnesses to create emotionally charged Textile Installations. In her most recent work, text is embroidered onto a synthetic material called Lutradur and de-constructed leaving suspended text ribbons. The result is a series of delicate and ephemeral text sculptures which are juxtaposed with the tragic subject of attempted suicide.


The exhibition opens 17th January, and is on until 14th March 2014. More information and opening times on the Moseley Exchange’s website.


‘Blue Monday’ is the third Monday in January. It is gloomy, dark, and allegedly the most depressing day of the year. Mental Health Research UK run the campaign #BloomingMonday to raise awareness for Seasonal Affective Disorder and depression. This years’ Blue Monday is on Monday 20th January and the campaign encourages you to wear your brightest clothes to raise awareness. More on MHRUK website.