Bees in a Tin


Call out for people who would like to present at a new event next year, Bees in a Tin:

CALL FOR EXCITING & INTERESTING THINGS! Do you do exciting and (or) interesting things? Then this is for you!

Bees in a Tin is a gathering happening on the 21st of February 2014 for interesting and exciting people who make unique interfaces for the world around them. And we’re currently looking for people to present… interesting and exciting things, experiences, performances, talks, artefacts, ideas and other nouns, at the event.

If you have devised (or are devising) a novel way of interacting with your surroundings that makes people stop, think or just go “wow!”, then we would like to be in the same room as you. Your project could be a performance piece; guided walk; GPS-triggered device; interactive object or something completely different.

The event is being held at The Bond on 21st February and the deadline for submissions is the 8th January.

More info / application details on Many & Varied’s website.

(via Cultural Digital)