‘Live!’ A Radio Show for the Arts


Community radio station 107.5 Switch Radio are developing ‘Live!’, a new Arts/Music/Culture program for Birmingham. They have an open call out to all local artists, collectives, events and organisations who would like some arts/culture radio time.

Live! are looking for a committed individual, or group of individuals, who would like to help to organise, present, produce, edit and contribute to this new project.

Whatever your discipline or medium, if you feel it can translate to radio, Live! would appreciate your contribution and ideas.

If you feel you can contribute your time and grey matter in any way to the project, you are urged you get in touch with Live! by contacting live@baddeley.be for more information.

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  1. Alec Laidler

    I launched my first book on17th Dec. 2013 at the Mitchell Centre, Sutton Coldfield.The book is titled Granddad you have a message and is a compilation of Inspirational Writings wtitten by me through my Higher self since my wife Pat passed away in May 2011. I wondered if this story may be of use to you. Good luck in the future. Love and Light.
    Alec Laidler.

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