Bandstandaudio – The Other Way Works



“Bandstand is a collection of digital audio performances for Bandstands from The Other Way Works.

The audio performances are located in the landscape, and can be discovered and experienced using your smartphone’s GPS in conjunction with our Bandstand App. We are hoping to have the Bandstand App available on the iPhone and Android stores in early June, but the focus of the launch of the app will be two events in the parks themselves in July 2013.

Launch Events
West Park, Wolverhampton:  Wednesday 10th July 2013, 3-7pm
Lightwoods Park, Bearwood: Thursday 11th July 2013, 3-7pm

These events will be free and informal, and will be an opportunity to experience the Bandstand audio pieces in the company of other interested people, and meet the creative team behind them.”

More on the bandstandaudio website.

Edit – The Other Way Works are currently seeking a freelance producer.