1. Jeannette

    Please can you publish the time sof all this. We’d love to come but we haven’t got a clue when it all kicks off. When is the procession?

  2. Hi Jeannette,

    The times/dates of the festival are on their website (http://stirchleyprospects.wordpress.com/) on the left hand side under ‘programme’ – I’ll try and clear that up in the blog post.

    ps, procession:

    “6pm – What’s Love Got To Do With It? The opening event will be an acapella performance of the classic Tina Turner Hit. Performed by local people it will start at Bournville Station, Maryvale Road and process to the High Street culminating in front of the Constituency Office. Departs Maryvale Road 6.00 pm – concludes at Constituency Office 6.20/6.30pm. FREE.”

    Best wishes,

  3. Hi I work for a service called youthspace aimed at helping young people with mental health difficulties get the right help. I was wondering if there was a number I could contact to ask about handing out our free materials at some of the events.

    Kind regards,

    Rachel Harvey.

  4. Ann-Marie Mitchell

    Hi, I would really love to have a chat about doing something very similar in my local area – it seriously needs some love!! Would that be possible?


  5. cazza

    We live off Clifford lane and have had no idea all this was going on. Why hasn’t the event been advertised well?

  6. Hi Cazza,

    I live in Stirchley myself and we had a leaflet through the door. Several local blogs have written about the event, and there are posters up in almost all of the shops on Stirchley High Street. As well as this, I know that subscribers to the website stirchley.co.uk had emails telling them about the festival.

    Where would you have liked/expected to have seen it advertised? It’s always good to hear feedback from local community members, and perhaps anyone else reading this comment can take on your feedback too.


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