Penning Perfumes at Le Truc

Odette Toilette

A Scented Evening of Poems Inspired by Perfumes and Perfumes Inspired by Poems

Penning Perfumes mixes poets and perfumers to see what they can create. The poets are given anonymous perfumes and asked to write a new poem in response to the scent and the perfumers are given poems and asked to compost a fragrance from the poem.

Penning Perfumes

As part of Penning Perfumes 2013 National Tour, Odette Toilette will be coming to Birmingham on Wednesday 6th February from 7.30pm – 9.30pm at Le Truc. The evening will see you listening to poetry commissions while sniffing the mystery scents that inspired them as well as experiencing new smells from a Roman army fragrance to a scent that evokes mermaids.

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