A few things we have come across this week:

  • VIVID PROJECTS LAUNCHES Vivid Projects will launch a new art space in Warwick Bar, part of Birmingham’s vibrant Eastside/Digbeth creative quarter on 22 February 2013.
  • The Lombard Method Graduate Residency 2012 final event Thursday 6 December 6-8pm
  • LIONESS presents Breaking the Frame LIONESS is a group of Birmingham City University students hoping to raise awareness for other artists by helping them exhibit their work. It’s being held at Mr Birds Emporium in the Custard Factory on Thursday.
  • The Gentlemen Press’ Poetry Espionage, live music, spoken word and comedy 5-7pm at the Six Eight Kafé (Saturday 1st December)

A few things Eastside Projects:

  • Eastside Projects – Gallery Assistants “Every year Eastside Projects employs three gallery assistants who each work with us for twelve months” applications close 7th December.
  • Eastside Projects – Art Bus (Saturday 1st December). The Art Bus is free and offers a great opportunity to see spaces and exhibitions across the city such as mac Birmingham, Ikon Gallery, RBSA, Barber Institute and Birmingham Museum and Gallery.
  • Saturday 1st December is also the last day you can view their current exhibition Abstract Possible, which has been running since 6th October.

Anything else to add please do so in the comments. Thanks!