Illustration collective: Coffee Club Birmingham

Chris has written about the Coffee Club Collective before on CiB, introducing them with links pointing you to the individual members of the coffee club. The original 5 members of the CCC graduated this year from Birmingham Institute of Art & Design, and since then, they’ve had several solo exhibitions, and have acquired a new member to the Coffee Club Collective, Chloe Cook. Chloe graduated last year from BIAD, and it seems she’s a very welcome addition to the club.

They have an exhibition on at the moment in Urban Coffee Company on Church Street. You can keep up to date the collective, or find out more on their website. The exhibition also formed part of Coffee Birmingham.


  1. Kerry

    Hi Rickie,

    The Coffee Club illustration Collective formed prior to any collaboration with Coffee Birmingham – the illustration students met at university.

    I’ll add a link in to Coffee Birmingham.


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