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  1. WAG Hack Day
    Saturday 16 April 2011, 10am – 6pm
    at the Public, West Bromwich
    What can you create using our open data feed?
    We are looking for web developers, designers and programmers to help us explore ideas about how our data feed can be used to create new and interesting stuff!
    Bring your own laptop Refreshments and lunch provided
    We also have a limited number of places for non-techie museum staff interested in getting their museum objects out to a wider audience.
    Book your place
    More info…
    Over the last 12 months museums and archive services in the Black Country have been working together to make their collections information available online via our Black Country History website.

    Metadata for our museum and archive items is available as an Application Programmer’s Interface (API) that is easy to use and quick to get started with. Via the API you can submit search queries to return metadata for individual partners or subjects. The API is based upon OpenSearch, and by default takes a Lucene style query syntax.

    Our data is also fed into the Culture Grid which has its own API which includes data from dozens of cultural organisations across the UK.
    We are hoping that developers will use our metadata, either on its own or mixed with other data sets to create a new widget, mashup or application.
    More details on our hack day website and you can also follow us on twitter @WAGhack.

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