1. How about educating him in the importance of digital content as opposed to digital infrastructure….that’s what makes sustainable jobs and increases the perception of the UK’s digital industry to the rest of the world. Hold on….I’m glad i’m a digital creative as I’ve just come up with a great idea that will revolutionise the digital economy…super duper fast broadband.

  2. I would like some assurance as to what benefit the Midlands is getting from the Olympics. We put in a strong bid, but inevitably we were dwarfed by London. I’d like to see some more investment in the Midlands, especially in sports and so forth, seeing as Manchester and Glasgow have had Commonwealth Games money, London’s had the Olympics and so on.

    And as the High Speed Rail will make Birmingham International so much closer to the centre of London, will there be investment in that to match?

  3. Dave – lovely, catch you later.

    David – Thanks for your thoughts. On a related note, last I heard companies from the West Mids were doing spectacularly badly at bothering to pitch for Olympics-related contracts. Not sure transport is quite his remit though (although there should be joined-up thinking across dept and all that).

  4. I’d ask about assisting arts’n’culture people and orgs make the transition from a state funding culture to a sponsorship/patronage culture. It’s not necessarily that people are unwilling – it’s that this is often alien territory for them (just as the funding mindset is alien to people outside of that culture). Guidance on best practice and so on would be useful.

    I’d also probably scream in his face incoherently about lack of mandate so it’s probably for the best I’m not there.

  5. Pete – ta muchly (for the former – am adopting a pragmatic approach on the latter), Might be worth catching up with Sarah Gee – I think she was due to meet him today to chat about WMids arts funding and philanthropy, what with her soon to launch @loveangelshares and all.

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