Mrs Smith dresses up Harborne

Craftspace‘s mobile exhibition unit, Curious About Crafts, will be visiting Harborne this Saturday, accompanied by Mrs Smith, who’s on the hunt for areas of Harborne that are in need of a little extra love an attention.

Mrs Smith, a keen knitter and sewer, began her interventions whilst out on her daily walks. She started to notice things in the street that looked a little forlorn and in definite need of a bit of a boost.

Armed with woolly hats for the railings, cushions for bus shelters and jolly outfits and accessories for statues, she’s been keeping her neighborhood warm and brightening up everyone’s day by earning herself a reputation as the Banksy of the crafts world.

Now she has plans to spread some of her skills across Harborne, and wants some suggestions of woeful public spaces in need of her attention when she returns next year.

A ballot box will be at the Curious About Craft touring unit parked on Harborne High St, on the corner of St.Johns Rd, next to Sainsbury, where visitors will also have the opportunity to get involved in some crafts on the day.

You can also post you suggestions to the Craftspace Facebook page and Twitter