1. Sounds like it could be an interesting event.. but looking at the panel members, are they using the term ‘storytelling’ interchangeably with PR/media/news? Because I think of storytelling as a creative fictional process, as distinct from ‘reporting’. A lot of people/companies refer to enabling others to “tell their stories” when referring to their own experiences, again blurring the lines between actual ‘storytelling’ and more personal blogging/journalism/memoirs etc.

  2. Good points. I find myself on the ‘storytelling’ panel but am more likely to talk about local blogs as forms of alternative media representation. Some of those local blogs choose to develop a kind of narrative based around personal experience (Digbeth is Good would be an example of that) and others utilise more traditional journalistic forms of address but attempt some innovations around that (which is what my blog bournvillevillage.com does). The current discussion around hyperlocal stuff rarely looks at modes of address so I’m hoping this event will make a useful contribution to the discussion.

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