A bit of voting


Ian and Pip from 7 Inch Cinema/Flatpack Festival have been nominated for The Hospital Club 100 which is:

a search for the most influential people in the creative and media industries, with the emphasis on current contribution and importance, not just the size of someone’s celebrity status, profile, bank balance, titles or past reputation

I’ve no idea what the award would mean but they say it’ll make their mums proud, which is good enough reason for me. Besides, Ian and Pip are good souls who do some good work. Speaking of which, they have some events coming up.

Trawling down the other nominees, I spotted Sue Collins in the ‘Art’ category. The blurb says this about her:

She has recently just completed a her first solo museum show at IKON in Birmingham, and in response was dubbed by the Mirror as the ‘worst artist in Britain’

Which was enough to secure my vote.


  • peter
    posted Jun 14th, 2010 at 1:35 pm

    that sue collins thing is a bit confusing – the blurb is describing susan collis as in this: http://www.ikon-gallery.co.uk/programme/past/event/364/since_i_fell_for_you/ but they’ve called her sue collins in the title with a N and linked to a completely different artist… she is younger and does digital stuff whereas susan collis does things with scraps of wood and screws and paint.