1. Always found the rock and pop section in Swordfish to be pretty poor, but they used to be pretty well stocked on John Zorn albums, which was good.

    I stopped shopping in Tempest a few years ago meself, mainly because I never found their prices to be that competitive and their range seemed to diminish over the years – probably a sign of what was to come, I guess…

  2. Hang on, are you telling me the old Academy is just sitting there empty doing nothing? Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Well, probably not as I’m not sure exactly what I’m thinking other than BIG FUCKING SPACE IN THE MIDDLE OF TOWN!

  3. Dennis McNulty

    Yeah ‘BIG FUCKING SPACE IN THE MIDDLE OF TOWN’ that has STILL got the same carpet from when it was the Hummingbird and probably hasn’t been cleaned since then. I think ‘shop’ might be a bit difficult with that space. As for gallery or workshop…

  4. Really hate this. Not so bothered about Swordfish, those guys have never been to cool with me but Tempest, definitely a lot of respect for those guys and it really sucks to see the industry as it was die. A lot of history right there, a lot of good vibes. I seriously miss the vinyl days! Brum lost a bunch of good music stores before, now this is basically it.. Grrr

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