1. jo hallington

    Hi, I’ve been asked a lot of questions about the collective, so I have tried to put some straight forward information together. I basically need to see people’s work to know if they will benefit from being part of the collective and if they have the experience to contribute to it as well?

    I wanted to create a new meeting of photographers with a similar level of experience and practice, to be able to talk about our work, with a view to creating new exhibitions, new commissions etc The emphasis on the group is predominantly fine art/documentary because that is my background.

    I was part of a fairly successful collective 2 years ago and was aware of a variety of opportunities/funding that could have been benefited from, but to the collective being too diverse, and other reasons etc they weren’t explored. This is why I am selecting the members for the collective.

    The selection criteria is that you have to have exhibited post university, ideally have a degree/MA in photography and want to show/discuss work that is fine art/documentary. I do understand that some commercial work can brilliantly make the cross over and result in a great exhibitions, so please let me see your website so I can see if it is this type. This group is for people who work as photographers or are just about to be, it is not a hobbyist group. This group also isn’t suitable for people who want to show their holiday/pet photos, it’s for photographers who have series of work that they want to talk about or ideas etc.

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