1. As much as I love to see Birmingham on the telly, I am annoyed that the T Mobile advert featuring that idiot with the free texts that makes a ‘super band’, has been allowed to be filmed outside Selfridges.

    It tarnishes the good reputation of the city.

  2. Does Film Birmingham still operate? Surely the council would deserve some credit as they would have to agree to road closures etc. Brum looked good in Hustle although I hated the idea it stodd in for somewhere else. Looking forward to Survivors.

  3. Andy – glad to say I haven’t seen that one.

    Dave – I’m sure they do, in fact their website has been sending out updates more often recently. FB’s Matthew Stanton is a top chap in my book – he bent over backwards to sort the permits when I ran Film Dash the other year. You’re right though and I’m sure there are a few others who deserve credit too – I saw AWM’s logo in the credits fr’instance.

  4. Lyle

    I know that Film Birmingham worked very hard behind the scenes to help the Hustle production team source locations and get the neccessary paperwork sorted under tight filming deadlines. Well done Matthew, Sindy and co!

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