1. Rob Strong

    If anyone knows where the Rainbow hide their upcoming events list, I’d much appreciate it. I’m always finding out about things I’ve just missed there.

    The Hare & Hounds website is pretty comprehensive, but may well be included amongst those you’ve listed above.

  2. Rob Strong

    Meant to say – good to see that CIB has been resurrected after winning the Weblog award and then dying on its arse.

  3. Nice to see that the current editors overlooked the slagging off of Adrienne and Katie…

    If they hadn’t offered their time during last year, there wouldn’t be a blog to continue.

  4. Rob Strong

    I wasn’t “slagging off of Adrienne and Katie…”

    I don’t think anyone could legitimately claim that the last year has been CIB’s best period. Disappointing as (in common with many, I’m sure) my awareness of the blog only began when the Weblog Awards ‘campaign’ was in full swing. For the energy to have been dissipated was unfortunate but I’m sure there were numerous reasons. I’ve been drawn to comment four times in the last week. I can’t remember that last time I commented at all.

  5. Looks like I misread the comment. I responded to Chris saying ‘Cheers Rob’ to Rob’s comment above that. Chris has emailed me to clear up this up.


    another reason for my comment was that this website is put together by a team of people who are passionate about the Birmingham creative community. I’ve been running a similar site in Wolverhampton, for about the same time and I’m constantly bombarded with negative comments but, as I’m the only one who has taken the time (which I’m not paid for) to do something about highlighting our creatives, I take comments like the one above counter-productive.

    The site may well not be as good as it has been but there are other things to consider… Pete and Chris are full time bloggers, Adrienne and Katie were both ‘filling in’ part-time, while they were working full-time. There is obviously going to be a dip in momentum, especially after funding is pulled and the site hits the heights of an award. It is hard to maintain that momentum.

    And if the site currently isn’t good enough, offer time to contribute to make it better. It is easy to sit on the fence and say this isn’t any good, a lot harder to do something about it.

  6. In the name of reducing confusion amongst the populace at large (and grateful though I am for the link), I’d like to point out that my “Lots Of Things To See And Do In The West Midlands” series mentioned in the last-but-one paragraph of the main post does not constitute a proper listings service. It’s just a list of things that look like fun to me.

    I wouldn’t normally split that particular hair, but it feels like every sod in the six nearest counties has emailed me in the last few days asking for inclusion.

  7. Ooh, dammit. Sorry about that. I’d say name and shame those responsible but I guess that’d be counterproductive. I’ll amend the post to make things a little clearer.

  8. Folks are only trying to promote their doings, which I understand perfectly and have sympathy for. It’s just that I’m not running a gig guide.

    I am, of course, all about the Exclusion.

  9. Glad that people find Live Brum useful, and obviously I recommend that, but there’s also the online version of Ryan’s Gig Guide at http://www.surgemusic.com/ which always has good midlands wide listings for ‘gigs’ and has real credibility in my eyes.

    Ryan’s been doing sterling work for longer than I can remember.

    Disclaimer (of sorts): The paper version described my comedy club as ‘the dogs bollocks’ back in the day which generated lasting fondness on my part.

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