1. hayley and shannon

    we would really love to enter if we enter we would be doin hip hop or dance

  2. Katie

    ‘Moving Pictures’ – playing on the two meanings; movement and emotion.
    ‘Still: Dancing’ – another play on words as they’re static images of people who were in motion at the time.
    ‘Pause’ – as it looks as if you just stopped the music and they had to stay as they were. (‘Musical Statues’!?)

  3. kT

    …Richard, your work is beautiful! my initial thougths are…

    moments in motion

    like baron’s suggestions too!

  4. I have a winner for the dance exhibition title.
    My thanks to all who posted suggestions but the
    winner is Katie with Still:Dancing.
    Simple, to the point…why didn’t I think of it!!
    Sometimes it takes someone to step back and be
    objective..I was too close to it.

  5. […] Richard Battye recently ran a competition to find a name for his “in progress” dance photography exhibition, Katie Parry won with “Still:Dancing”. If you are a dancer and would like to get involved click here…. full article […]

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