1. Grammar pedant’s are getting used to the idea that extra apostrophe’s are being added all over Eastside. But in Harborne? I hope David Cameron – or at least lolDiedre – will have something to say about that.

  2. Dan Cox

    Legality is not a factor as we have a license to show them. The Blockbuster logo is on there because they supply the films. As for the grammar, thats just a product of a miss spent youth…….

    Dan Cox AM The Plough

  3. Cheers Dan.

    Next films showing are:

    Sunday 21st December- Home Alone 2 & Bad Santa

    Sunday 28th December- Uncle Buck & Planes, Trains & Automobiles

    Nice website but a shame there’s no way of subscribing to news/events online. Opportunity missed there.

  4. Dan Cox

    Just to let you know the next few weeks films are:

    4th Jan – Terminator/Terminator 2

    11th Jan – Flight of the navigator/Transformers

    Hope you all had a good Christmas!

  5. Dan Cox

    Ah the cartoon, I haven’t seen that in years!! It’s the new one, I’ll save the cartoon version for when i can think of something tho go with it.

    Just as a point of interest, please feel free to suggest films (the next two weeks worth are requests!) either through the Plough’s facebook group or here!!

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