• trying to arrange a british tumblr meetup
    Substrakt’s Tom Martin would like to organise a British tumblr meet-up. If you work for any sort of digital agency in the city/region then it’d be worth getting in touch and lending him a hand
  • Screen WM Acronym Glossary (SAG)
    Might be of use to someone (this is Google’s HTML version – a PDF is available). I found this while searching for info about the AWM SIS COG, in case you were wondering
  • Nu Wave Interactive
    Nu Wave Interactive is animator, illustrator and graphic designer Matthew Field
  • magicmedia
    magicmedia is the blog and website for Steve Chapman, a Birmingham UK-based creative media consultant
  • BASS Festival 2008 on Vimeo
    Footage from the BASS Festival 2008
  • Audio: Darcy Lange Round Table
    “On Tuesday 2 December Ikon hosted a round table discussion which considered Darcy Lange’s work both in isolation and in wider socio-geographical contexts; his fractious relationship with the art world and the influence upon his life and work of the Flamenco tradition of the Andalusian gypsies”. More good multimedia stuff from the Ikon Gallery. (Ikon peeps – any chance of whacking these into iTunes as an Ikon podcast?)
  • CMYKern » Fluid
    Quick profile of some of Fluid’s lovely work
  • Sarah Loves…
    Sarah Allen (who works with the likes of the Fierce Festival, British Glass Biennale, Events With Sparkle and others) has started a blog covering her design, architectural and cultural loves. And shoes. There will be shoes.
  • YouTube – PsychedelicPsynema’s Channel
    Speakeasy cinema people Outer Sight have a YouTube channel for collecting together event promos, trailers, previously screened shorts and other stuff. Their next event is on 6 Dec
  • transitions – artist action research
    Alicja Rogalska ran the art/public transport survey a mentioned a few weeks back. She’s emailed to say “I have set up a project blog to share information, data, images, etc. collected during my research”

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