1. The thing about Brum is that there’s not many actual independent spaces any more, at least 4 have closed in the last year for various reasons. However, there are loads of artist-led groups and curators who put on events in non-gallery spaces. The things that I’m involved in seem to center around BCAF and curators such as Charlie Levine. It might not be so easy for the journalist to get a handle on though.

    I know The Gallery of Owls are planning on having more of a web presence when some practical issues are cleared up, can pass on info if needed.

  2. Jamie Lewis

    Cheers Kate, not sure many of us would describe ourselves as very ‘street’ but yeah, Moseley Arts Market. Also, the Sunday Flea, Ltd Edition and some of the other newer events that have popped up lately. The new (or restarted rather) Moor St Station Markets are a fairly independent reaction to there being not many other chances for designer/makers and artists to trade in the City Centre. Although we are collaborating with Chiltern Railways to do it and we did have to get permission from the Council. http://www.moorstmarkets.wordpress.com

  3. what about Ben Javens, The Outcrowd Collective and No Heaven Waiting and of course Beat 13 – Lucy
    Not sure why but the blog won’t let me add their links so you’ll have to look them up.

  4. She could certainly mention International Project Space at Bournville…


    …perhaps as a lead-in to mentioning the bevy of summer art & design graduate shows that happen each year. She might also mention fine art photography, with intimate venues such as The Light House gallery in Wolverhampton (hopefully she’s not sticking precisely to the Birmingham city boundaries). And while she’s talking about Wolverhampton, she might mention Initial Access…


    There will also be MAC, which will be presumably putting on visual art shows once it re-opens.

  5. Hi, as Nicky said, jibbering, they are running street art exhibitions here and in London.. and doing very well, with some seriously respected artists…. In a city art are a fresh graff shop in Kings Heath too..
    Also artists such as myself zoot and tempo are in Birmingham working hard both out in the streets and in the studio.. ..
    Its not street art if its not out in the street.
    check out my site perhaps forward something to the people interested?

  6. If anyone knows of any black street artists in Birmingham can you please ask them to contact me. I am interested in putting in a proposal with Punch Records to create a piece of work about the influence that Africa has had on the arts in Birmingham.



  7. In addition to my own fine art efforts, a community of independent artists is drawn together via independent art classes/courses/workshops etc facilitated by myself at several Birmingham venues. These include: St Anne’s Church Hall, Park Hill, Moseley, i.e. ‘Life drawing’ Tuesday 10am – 12.15 ; ‘Pastel & acrylic’ Wednesday 10am – 12.o noon ; ‘Portrait drawing & painting’ Thursday 11.30 – 1.30; ( http://www.st-annes-moseley.org.uk). A ‘Drop-in life Drawing Group’ on Friday evening 6.45 – 9.45, at the Friends Institute, 220 Moseley Rd Highgate. B12 ODG. (www.onlinejones.co.uk/ friends/ index.html). ‘Creative Printmaking Evening Class’ on Thursday evening, 7.0 – 9.30, at the Birmingham Print Workshop, 90 Floodgate St, Digbeth, Birmingham. B5 5SR. (www.birminghamprintmakers.org).

    More students are always welcome. For more information please contact Paul Bartlett on 0121 444 8976

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